TV’s Judge Karen warns: Stay In Your Lane–or else! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Judge Karen Mills-Francis, reality TV star, "Judge Karen"   It is a judge’s duty to give the folks who come before him or her good advice and guidance. Judge Karen Mills-Francis – she’s the one with the blonde hair and the red robe sitting at the center of TV’s syndicated “Judge Karen’s Court”... Continue Reading →

30 Rock’s Toofer, Keith Powell, loves Judge Judy! INTERVIEW

  Keith Powell plays 30 Rock's Toofer on the NBC sitcom. He’s one of the comedy writers on “TGS,” the show-within-the-show.His nickname refers to his position on the staff: he’s both a Harvard grad and a minority, hence a two-for-one hire for human resources. That said, however, Toofer gets no respect, no respect at all.... Continue Reading →

Judge Cristina Perez runs a tough courtroom! PODCAST INTERVIEW

  There are a lot of judges on TV these days, starting with Judge Judy and running all the way through Judge David Young. But only one of them has an Emmy Award. That lucky jurist-slash-TV personality is Judge Cristina Perez, host of the syndicated “Cristina’s Court.” She stands out from the pack because Judge... Continue Reading →

From the bench: Syndicated gay TV Judge David Young rules! PODCAST INTERVIEW

  Judge David Young is unlike any other TV judge you’ve likely seen before. In a video marketplace with courts of every color and gender and with their focuses ranging from petty crimes and divorce to Texas justice, the Judge David Young show has a gimmick that’s no gimmick. Yep, he’s gay. JUDGE DAVID YOUNG... Continue Reading →

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