1189 Does anonymous adult search repel Patriot Act? VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Colin Rowntree, adult website entrepreneur, creator, anonymous adult search engine BoodiGo.com, BDSM website Wasteland.com   Watch this exclusive Mr. Media interview with COLIN ROWNTREE by clicking on the video player above!  Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience full of men and women – okay, mostly men – with pretty average... Continue Reading →

56 Hey! It’s The Daily Show’s Craig Kilborn! INTERVIEW

Originally Published October 7, 1996 Attention, channel surfers! If E!'s "Talk Soup" gives you the giggles, if you're suffering "TV Nation" withdrawal, if Dennis Miller makes you laugh, Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" is guaranteed to make you guffaw, harrumph and occasionally choke on a yuk-yuk. "The Daily Show" is deceptively simple television. Presented five... Continue Reading →

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