1275 3rd Street Blackout means lights on for Jeremy Redleaf! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Jeremy Redleaf, co-writer, co-director, co-star, producer, 3rd Street Blackout   Watch this exclusive Mr. Media interview with Jeremy Redleaf by clicking on the video player above!  Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience full of hurricane blackout survivors who believe the power will be back on any minute now… in the... Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin parody film still funny. Thanks Jeremy Redleaf! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Jeremy Redleaf, filmmaker, Sarah Palin parody, Juneau     Apparently there is a big national election campaign underway in the United States featuring an old man, a black man, a bald man and a woman who shoots moose. Who knew? Anyway, amidst all the noise for John McCain and Sarah Palin, Barack Obama... Continue Reading →

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