Bruce Ferber maps path from Tim the Toolman to Cascade Falls! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Bruce Ferber, TV writer, "Bosom Buddies," "Coach," "Home Improvement"; novelist Cascade Falls, Elevating Overman     Watch this exclusive Mr. Media interview with Bruce Ferber by clicking on the video player above!  Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of lyin’, thievin’ real estate developers who are long past the point of believing... Continue Reading →

619 Home Improvement mom Patricia Richardson takes charge! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Patricia Richardson, actress, "Home Improvement," "The Jensen Project"     Guys, see if you know where I’m going with this. There’s a point in the male maturation process where you think “Moms are old. Who would be attracted to somebody’s Mom?” One day, you become a dad and suddenly there is nothing hotter... Continue Reading →

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