Acting in Young Hollywood? Talent agent Frederick Levy has tips! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Frederick Levy, author, Acting in Young Hollywood, Hollywood 101: The Film Industry and 15 Minutes of Fame: Becoming a Star in the YouTube Revolution Here’s an important difference between me and some parents I know: I don’t think the world sees my kid as the most beautiful, most talented youngster ever birthed. I... Continue Reading →

Henry Jaglom’s ‘It’ Girl Tanna Frederick acts out for him! PODCAST INTERVIEW

If you’re a woman in search of someone else’s emotional train wreck to make you feel better about your own life, film director Henry Jaglom has got a movie or two for you. Maybe it’s his latest, Irene in Time, about a young singer with severe daddy abandonment issues. Or maybe you’d like his previous... Continue Reading →

546 Hollywood legend Bette Davis was ‘Larger Than Life,’ says Richard Schickel! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Bette Davis in All About Eve, image via Wikipedia By BOB ANDELMAN Is Meryl Streep a different breed of Hollywood actress than Bette Davis? Is “new” Hollywood” all that different from “classic” Hollywood? What is it that made stars such as Bette Davis stand out? Was it really her eyes, as the pop song by... Continue Reading →

545 Step aside, Gwyneth and Scarlett! Iron Man is checking out Anya Monzikova! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Anya Monzikova, image via Wikipedia By BOB ANDELMAN No disrespect to Howie Mandel, but in moving on from “Deal or No Deal” to share a pivotal scene in Iron Man 2 next month with Robert Downey Jr., former #10 suitcase model Anya Monzikova has most definitely traded up. Anya, a classic Hollywood beauty who was... Continue Reading →

Paul Dergarabedian, HOLLYWOOD.COM movie box office guru: Mr. Media Interview

It’s Friday, Feb. 20—two days away from the biggest event on Hollywood’s calendar: the 2009 Academy Awards. Joining me today to talk about the financial side of the movie industry’s big love fest is Paul Dergarabedian,'s box office guru and president & founder of the box office tracking firm, Media by Numbers. Paul is... Continue Reading →

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