Darren Hardy shares Success in his magazine! PODCAST INTERVIEW

  It’s a tough time to be in the business of publishing newspapers and magazines. But there are some subject areas that thrive in hard economic times. Like Success. Because while the sky is falling all around some of us, others see the silver lining in clouds and the word “opportunity” written everywhere they look.... Continue Reading →

Miss America CEO Sam Haskell made promises to Mother! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Sam Haskell, CEO, Miss America Pageant, author, Promises I Made My Mother   (UPDATE: Sam Haskell was suspended and subsequently resigned as CEO of the Miss America Organization on December 23, 2017, following the release of emails in which he and other leaders of the organization allegedly criticized past winners in coarse terms.... Continue Reading →

Brande Roderick plays Trump on Celebrity Apprentice! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Brande Roderick, Playboy Magazine playmate, contestant, "Celebrity Apprentice" My guest this morning is Brande Roderick—whom I’ve seen naked! Not just in my dreams, mind you, but in the pages of Playboy magazine, where she first came to national prominence. A lot of women have taken their clothes off for Hugh Hefner, but Brande... Continue Reading →

71 Shop talk with Spy Magazine’s final editor, Bruno Maddox! INTERVIEW

Originally published April 14, 1997 In its youth, Spy magazine was the kind of publication that smacked you on the nose if you looked at it the wrong way. And those were the good months: it was so full of smarmy, holier-than-thou attitude and precious New York wit that you wanted each issue to go on forever.... Continue Reading →

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