1978: My embarrassing student radio interview with Frank Zappa!

Today's Guest: Frank Zappa, musician   Today on Mr. Media, I’ll reach back into the vaults to 1978 for one of the first celebrity interviews I ever did: the incomparable Mother himself, Frank Zappa. I was barely a month into my freshman year at the University of Miami, working at the student radio station, WVUM... Continue Reading →

Spinning with Casablanca Records co-founder Larry Harris! PODCAST INTERVIEW

  (UPDATE - Larry Harris died on December 18, 2017.) Everybody thinks their life story would make a good book. I’m here to tell you that’s not true. Larry Harris is not everybody. He’s 1970s records mogul Neil Bogart’s cousin—and a co-founder of legendary Casablanca Records—for heaven’s sake, and boy, does he have a great... Continue Reading →

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