Lassie! Timmy’s in the Well! And other Jon Provost TV tales! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Jon Provost, animal activist, actor, "Lassie"   I’ve never liked dog-earing pages – you know, when you’re reading a book and you fold back the corner of a page to mark your place, or because there was something interesting on the page to which you’d like to return? Well, I’ve never dog-eared a... Continue Reading →

89 Pulling back the Midday Live curtain with Bill Boggs! INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Bill Boggs, host, "Historic Traveler," "Freeze Frame," "Midday Live" Originally published August 4, 1997 Bill Boggs is like the older brother many guys always wanted but never had -- boyishly handsome and witty, a fun guy to hang out with who knows everybody and who everyone likes. When I was a teen-ager in... Continue Reading →

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