Rick Meyerowitz: Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead and booked! PODCAST INTERVIEW

 Sometimes I think I grew up in some alternate reality. There was no Internet when I was in my teens—we barely had FM radio and UHF television reception in Central Jersey and cable TV was unheard of—but somehow I managed to find plenty of inappropriate media influences. I read comic books by the pile, which... Continue Reading →

Prank them! CollegeHumor.com’s Amir Blumenfeld, Streeter Seidell! PODCAST INTERVIEW

  For a good time, try typing www.CollegeHumor.com into your web browser’s window. You’ll find an endless stream of short videos that will do anything from brighten your day to cause you to hurt yourself from laughing too hard. I love a good laugh and websites has become really expert at providing humor in easily... Continue Reading →

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