61 Digizine editor Jamie Ceaser: The future is CD-ROM! INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Jamie Ceaser, editor of Digizine. Originally Published September 16, 1996 Jamie Ceaser will either be on the cutting edge or the cutting room floor of new media. As managing editor of Digizine, one of a wave of magazines on CD-ROM showing up on newsstands, she faces an uphill battle in making the technology... Continue Reading →

34 Remember the Blender mag CD-ROM and editor Dale Hrabi? INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Dale Hrabi, editor, Blender Original Publication Date: January 27, 1997 How many times have you read a celebrity profile in some magazine and thought, "I wish I could actually hear So-and-So" actually say that." Or maybe you just wish magazines came with their own soundtracks, the way TV shows and movies do. Well,... Continue Reading →

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