Bob Seger road manager, photog Tom Weschler knows stuff! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Tom Weschler, long-time road manager, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, rock 'n' roll photographer, Travelin' Man: On the Road and Behind the Scenes with Bob Seger ,/center>  Travelin Man - A Look Into the Life of Tom Weschler from Primeau Productions on Vimeo.  Somehow, in all the years I was a... Continue Reading →

Don’t Stop Believin’ in karaoke’s ability to embarrass! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Brian Raftery, author, Don't Stop Believin': How Karaoke Conquered the World and Changed My Life   There are only two places that I will sing out loud: number one, if I’m alone; and number two, if I’m driving somewhere with my son. I’ve been singing out loud to him since the first day I... Continue Reading →

81 Alt-weekly newspaper editors talk to Mr. Media! INTERVIEW

Originally published June 9, 1997 The first alt-weekly newspaper I ever read was The Aquarian. It was the mid-1970s and I was a teenager growing up in Central New Jersey. Back when alternatives were still called "underground" papers, The Aquarian was the only source of articles about the cool new punk, disco or Springsteen clone... Continue Reading →

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