1181 Pulp Fiction, Django and more Quentin Tarantino in new film FAQ! VIDEO INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Dale Sherman, author, Quentin Tarantino FAQ: Everything Left to Know About the Original Reservoir Dog     Watch this exclusive Mr. Media interview with film historian Dale Sherman, author of Quentin Tarantino FAQ: Everything Left to Know About the Original Reservoir Dog, by clicking on the video player above!  Mr. Media is recorded live... Continue Reading →

545 Step aside, Gwyneth and Scarlett! Iron Man is checking out Anya Monzikova! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Anya Monzikova, image via Wikipedia By BOB ANDELMAN No disrespect to Howie Mandel, but in moving on from “Deal or No Deal” to share a pivotal scene in Iron Man 2 next month with Robert Downey Jr., former #10 suitcase model Anya Monzikova has most definitely traded up. Anya, a classic Hollywood beauty who was... Continue Reading →

Guillermo Diaz rolls from Weeds to Scandal! PODCAST INTERVIEW

Today's Guest: Guillermo Diaz, actor, "Weeds," "Mercy," "Scandal"   I’m gonna be honest with you—I’m far more interested in talking with Guillermo Diaz about his last role—as, curiously, “Guillermo”—in “Weeds,” in which he played Mary Louise Parker’s drug dealer, teacher, friend, antagonist, protector—hey, it was complicated. That Guillermo was one scary mofo. This Guillermo is... Continue Reading →

28 Behind the skin with Playboy mag editor Chris Napolitano! PODCAST INTERVIEW

  When I was a student at the University of Florida, studying film during the day and writing freelance stories at night, I landed two choice assignments. Choice, that is, for a horny, unrequited, socially awkward twenty-year-old. First, I got to spend an afternoon hanging out with Russ Myers, a notorious film director and king... Continue Reading →

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