America Stripped: Clean talk, naked people with doc director! VIDEO

Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of scantily clad human beings whom I’m begging not to get any more tattoos… in the NEW new media capital of the world… St. Petersburg, Florida!

America Stripped: Naked Las Vegas directed by David Palmer

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I never thought the day would come that I’d admit that I can’t bear to see one more naked woman, but today’s the day; I’ve reached my limit.

Not that I’m anti-nudity, but there is good naked and bad naked in my eyes. I’m not saying that to be cruel. It’s just like when I go to a gallery opening and there is art that I like and art that I don’t.

Watching David Palmer’s new documentary, America Stripped: Naked Las Vegas, you can’t help but respond emotionally to the intense variety of ways in which the world of naked people is served. The film records the process that photographer Greg Friedler went through to identify and capture the souls of everyday Las Vegas citizens for the fourth book in his Naked series.

DAVID PALMER audio excerpt: “It was exhausting. Emotionally, physically, almost spiritually. I had never filmed anyone naked before. But it was enlightening, too. When the first person was in front of me without any clothes on, I realized I could ask them anything.” 

Naked Las Vegas by Greg Friedler

Order ‘Naked Las Vegas’ by Greg Friedler, available from by clicking on the book cover above!

There are plenty of attractive young and old people here, but there are greater numbers of men and women who, while we may admire their pride in showing off their natural gifts, our own lives are not necessarily enhanced by seeing their wares.

A scene from America Stripped: Naked Las Vegas directed by David Palmer

A scene from America Stripped: Naked Las Vegas directed by David Palmer

As for Palmer, this is his second high-profile film this year. He also co-directed the critically acclaimed indie comedy, Hit & Run, starring Kristin Bell, Bradley Cooper and Dax Shepherd.

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America Stripped: Naked Las Vegas director David Palmer (l) and Naked photographer Greg Friedler

America Stripped: Naked Las Vegas director David Palmer (l) and editor Alex Hanawalt


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